Areas of specialism

At Integra, our key focus is to supply the social care industry. Within that in mind, we presently specialise in the provision of staff in four areas, which are Supported housing, Mental health, Residential care and Drug/ rehabilitation centres. We are a rapidly growing business, so even if your organisation does not fall into any of the above, we can still help


For organisations in need of temp and/permanent staffing, our key objective is to employ a personalised and bespoke approach to the service we provide. We take the time to meet with you, and fully understand the expectations you have of us, as well as the challenges faced by the specific industry you are in. Our admin & management team is made up almost exclusively of individuals who have first hand experience of working within social care, and will know which candidates would be best suited where. Our rates are very competitive, while ensuring that we pay our candidates well. Click here to contact us


Everyone who joins our team, does so in the knowledge that they will be appreciated and valued. We pride ourselves on supporting our candidates within the assignments they are placed, and providing them with the opportunity to develop professionally. As such, we have a comprehensive list of training we can provide.Our candidates also enjoy higher rates of pay are also higher than going rate. Click here find out more



Integra Recruitment was created by former managers in social care. Having identified the exceptionally high turnover of staff, as well as financial pressures faced by many organisations in the industry, it was clear that there was need for a fresh approach to addressing these issue. Integra was therefore formed for the sole purpose of providing an unrivalled, value-for-money and reliable service to support organisations in social care. Integra is about more than just providing temp/perm staff – anyone can do that. Instead, we are passionately about building a team of locums that become an extension of our clients’ staff teams. We are about forging long-lasting relationships and actively working to offer the best to both our staff and clients. We stand for integrity, never settle for anything other than excellence, and believe that a good future is built by those who not only have their eyes set on the here and now, but also have the foresight to plan and prepare for tomorrow

Joey Garande Jr Director, Integra Recruitment Ltd